The Plane of Shadow. It is a lovely place full of magic and wonder.

Ok so that was a bold face lie. I'm usually more convincing. But that was a tough sell. Shadow is a wretched plane full of shades, shadows, and umbral dragons. I should know. I was born there. I am Zurcain, a kayal. Oh right, your human, you call us fetchlings. The difference? Kayal is a word we prefer that means shadow people. Fetchling is a sort of derogatory term we have gotten use to because of how well you people are willing to pay use to fetch things from the Plane of Shadow because you are too lazy or maybe too scared. It is good money so I could care less.

But honestly I have never been a fan of being a merchant by trade. I find it boring. Convincing simpletons from little human villages that the rock I carried over from the plane is amazingly valuable and will protect them from demons or trolls or something else vile got to be too easy. And the lovely and caring umbral dragon I was working for took notice. He also took notice of my innate magical talent. I had really only used it originally as a tool to convince those lovely and just wealthy enough to be worth it villagers. But what became apparent to him very early on was that my inborn magical skills weren't suited to what he could teach me. But he was willing to help me. He had an "ally" on the material plane. Her name was Murevalac. She was an older blue dragon. Since most of you villagers aren't very smart (I mean you didn't even notice all the very rude things I have said about you the last few minutes). Allow me to explain. Blue dragons have a serious affinity to electricity and so do I. So off I went to the wonderful realm of the Material Plane, laiden down with presents for Murevalac and some magical stuff to help me become a super amazing wizard or something like that.

Absolutely surprising shocker what happens my first few months with Murevalac. 5 gold off your next purchase to whichever of you dullards can guess it. Correct. Murevalac did make me sell stuff to you gullible folks. I was frustrated. And what did I do out of frustration? Stop, your not going to guess. I confronted Murevalac. I confronted a dragon. Angrily. Yep. And go figure, I probably should have done it sooner. Seems Murevalac was just waiting for me to grow a pair, so to speak. Then we started training. Well at least some, I mean what would life be if I wasn't around to sell stuff to you folks. In all seriousness though, I really did get some great training in the arcane. But not as a wizard. Murevalac had a kind of crazy plan. I suspect it was her old age talking but it sounded interesting so I went a long with it. I would become a sorcerer who cast spells in melee. And shockingly, kinda worked. Especially once my training got further along. I started getting training as a caster that specifically serves a dragon. Some kind of disciple or something. Wasn't paying attention. I was too busy shocking the crap out of people just by touching them. They are very surprised when it happens.

After a few years of training and selling stuff, Murevalac told me it was time to leave. No more selling. Oh and something about going out and using my new powers to make my own run at things. I was mostly excited not to be selling constantly any more. But I realized the old dragon was right. It was time to go out and make my mark on the Material Plane. I was fairly confident that between my magic, my charm, and the fact that I am at least somewhat sneaky I'd be fine. What do you mean I'm not sneaky? I left in the middle of the story for a whole five minutes and you thought I was still talking. Child please. Murevalac even had a suggestion for where I could start. It seems there is a lovely little upstart settlement of human explorers near the Eye of Abendego, which isn't far from here.

So my friends, I must say good buy. But before I leave, who wants one more of my fantastic Shadow Rock of Evil Repelling? Gonna be your last chance to get one. Cause hopefully I won't be back. Though I will definitely miss you and your gold tons and think of you often!


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