Zeltenian Gatestone

Developed in Jindark, the Zeltenian Gatestone sits at the top of an archway and is used to teleport limited quantities of material (living or otherwise) to the location of another gatestone. Each gatestone must be linked to another before use by inscribing a special combination of sigils on the opposite stone; the bond lasts 24 hours. Once connected, the two gatestones are locked together for 24 hours and cannot be unlinked before then. While inferior to a Teleportation Circle made Permanent in that it can only transport 2000 pounds of goods per day, it is also considerably cheaper and easier to make.

Gatestones disrupt the local magical leylines in a very specific way; an active gatestone cannot be placed within the same hex as any other active gatestone. Gatestones may only be placed within cities and cost 5 BP. They take up one square and add +1 to Economy and Stability.

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