Yilaana The Halfling Rogue

Dee Bazzlewater

My name is Dee Bazzlewater. I am an eighteen year old Halfling Cutthroat Rogue. My life has been one great adventure. Of disappointments.

I don’t really remember my mother or father or life before the pit. The pit was a place of goblin terror, where goblins tunneled and mined for metals for weapons. I have tried time and again, but all there is in my mind is blackness. Asking an overseer where I came from was practically pointless, for they kept no records. Keeping us sorted was easy; they tattooed symbols dictating our jobs upon our bodies. Work was hard in the pit and my job was probably one of the most dangerous jobs that could be done, I was in the front line crew of diggers (after the explosives crew opened up a new tunnel we would go in and test the sturdiness of the walls created from the explosion and if we were going to use a preexisting tunnel, we would go in and test the walls for sturdiness). Many Halflings, Dwarves, and Men died from doing this. And then, about three years ago, an invasion of dwarves came and a great battle too place. During this battle, many of the workers were able to escape, and I was one to do just that. I remember coming out and seeing the sun the first time, the way it burned my eyes…

I did a lot of wandering after that. I found that I had an uncanny knack at picking locks of houses when people where not there for food, and that I could pickpocket for money. For the first few months that is how I “earned” most of my income. I traveled from town to town, never staying in one place long enough for people to get suspicious of me.

After about eight months of living off others, someone noticed my talents. It was another Halfling by the name of Danderfluff. Danderfluff was a Cutthroat Rogue who took me under his wing and trained me, planning on taking me, along with others (of various classes) on a quest of vengeance upon the Emperor of Astinala (an island just off the coast Creola). During that quest jealousy over took me and I killed my master when his back was turned, I stole from my mates and took off. I fled from the quest and could have cared less if they were successful.

I spent a long time after that wandering the land. I eventually ran into Aliaga and out of the need for money, I completed my first quest. The thrill of completing the goal was exhilarating, but still nothing could compare to the life of thievery. Still not completely satisfied, I took off to roam again. That time I did a lot of easy things: robbing houses and stores, pick pocketing shoppers on market streets.

I continued this life until I started dreaming of the thrill I felt in a quest. I came to this island in search for work, thieving just to get by. That was, until I stumbled upon this group preparing for a quest………

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