When the party broke open a large soul jar deep in Vordakai's Lair, they found an Azlanti young man covered in Thassilonian runes who soon fell unconscious.
Realizing they had just found a living pure blooded Azlanti, they brought the unconscious boy back to Jindark to recover.

Shortly after, they were woken by a strange sight: eight Azlantians were causing a commotion in the castle, the boy not among them. Even stranger was that upon closer inspection, each of the Azlantians were simply illusions save for one of them.

Clearing up the problems, one of the eight who identified himself as Zildran seemed to have more an idea on what was currently happening and, in private, filled the party in.

The boy they had found was named Xerarian, the eldest son of Xin, founder of Thassilon. In the course of trying to expand, the kingdom fell into war with the cyclops empire and Xerarian, being a powerful mage in his own right, led an army to try and take it.
However, during the course of the battle, the warlord Vordakai sealed the boy into a soul jar and trapped him there, turning the tide of the war in the cyclops favor.

For 10,000 years, Xerarian remained trapped in the soul jar. Vordakai fell and his apprentice took his place with the power of the Oculus of Abaddon, only to be sealed in his tomb and put into a stupor. However, Xerarian's mind remained painfully aware the entire time and, unable to move or talk, the years slowly took their toll on his sanity.

Creating several different personalities to keep him company, he slowly forgot who his true self was and now exists in what appears to be eight distinct personalities based on some aspect of him and his magic. Only one, Zildran, seems aware of the boy's past and what he truly is.

Apparently Xerarian's magic is so strong that, once released, he can unconsciously create the illusions of his other personalities, as well as take on their forms when he inhabits one of them.

So far, the eight that have been seen are:


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