Witch Spells From Huckster Hexes

Witch Spells Converted from Huckster Hexes

Corporeal Tweak (Converted Hex)
TN: 5
Components: A body part from an animal that is appropriate to the Trait raised – a snake for Quickness, a bear for Strength, and such. The part doesn't have to be fresh – a human fingerbone could even work for Deftness – but it does need to be at least about one square inch in size and still recognizable. Rotting lumps of mystery flesh won't work.
Scroungin': 3 for human fingerbones near civilization of some kind, and usually at least 5 for anything else. In barren areas, the TN might be as high as 11 or more – good luck finding bear parts in the desert (though you might find snake parts there easily enough).

Effect: This spell simply raises a corporeal trait of the witch's choice by 2 steps for one hour; this can raise a trait above d12's. The witch can cast the spell again and again on different people, but a single person can only have one Corporeal Tweak active at the same time. Further castings replace the original effect.

Critter Ward (Converted Hex)
TN: 5
Components: None, but see below.
Scroungin': None

Effect: This spell simply wards and area 5 yards in diameter against mundane, normal animals; they cannot enter of their own will, but can be driven inside the ward with an Onerous (7) roll of the appropriate type (usually Ridin' or Animal Wranglin'). The witch must spend at least fifteen minutes tracing various sigils and patterns into the ground around the warded area, at which point the Witchcraft roll is made. Critter Ward affects only normal animals; abominations, humans, undead, and other such creatures are totally unaffected.

Entangle (Converted Hex/Spirit Coils)
TN: 5
Components: A bit of strong vine
Scroungin': 3 in a jungle, 5+ in other areas

Effect: Entangle wraps the target in strong, magical vines that restrict his movement. To free himself, the target must make an Onerous (7) Strength roll; this TN is increased by 2 for each raise on the Witchcraft roll. Failing this roll means that the target must wait until the next round to try again. A bust means that the target is hopelessly entangled for the duration of the spell, which lasts 5 minutes.

Fortitude (Converted Hex)
TN: 5
Components: A few shots of some kind of strong alcoholic beverage and a pinch of lavender or strong-smelling spice (cinnamon, etc).
Scroungin': 3

Effect: Fortitude brews up a potent beverage (this takes about 30 minutes) which can help recover wind. Drinking a Fortitude brew will immediately bestow 10 wind on the drinker, even above and beyond their normal total. This wind is the first to be lost, if it ever matters.

The downside is that because the drink is strong, a person can only chug one of these drinks per hour without being overwhelmed by the effects. Drinking extra Fortitude brews before previous ones have worn off recovers no Wind, and imposes a cumulative -1 penalty to most actions for the next hour.

A Fortitude brew will last for a number of days equal to the caster's Witchcraft level before spoiling.

Fortune Teller (Converted Hex)
TN: 5
Components: A crystal ball, a natural pool of water, or some other scrying tool
Scroungin': Varies; components for this spell are usually not consumed

Effect: Fortune Teller gives the witch a brief vision of a person's future (the person must be within a few yards of the witch). These visions usually involve dangerous situations or influential people that the person will meet, and are usually cryptic. Each raise on the Witchcraft roll increases the amount of information given. Unwilling targets make an opposed Spirit roll to resist.

This spell can only be cast once per day on any one person.

Graveyard Mists (Converted Hex)
TN: 5
Components: Graveyard dirt and a small shard of a gravestone
Scroungin': 3 in a town with a graveyard, 9+ otherwise

Effect: Graveyard Mists conjures a thick, creepy fog. It's roughly circular and about 100 yards in diameter and no more than 30 feet high. Within the fog, vision and even smells and sounds are muted, imposing a -2 penalty on all Cognition rolls. Sight is limited to about 3 yards.

At night or on an overcast day, the mists last around one hour. In sunlight, the mist burns off more quickly, reducing the duration to about five minutes.

Imposter (Converted Hex)
TN: 5
Components: Makeup (cosmetic or stage)
Scroungin: 7

Effect: Imposter allows the witch to alter her appearance to imitate another person. This affects the witch's entire appearance, but changes in Size are are not possible. This spell gives the witch a +5 bonus on her Disguise roll with an additional +2 per raise on the Witchcraft roll. Imposter can only be used to mimic the appearance of someone that the witch has met personally.

Lethargy (Converted Hex)
TN: 5
Components: A stick or cone of incense
Scroungin': 5

Effect: Lethargy inflicts a feeling of intense laziness. It affects the main target plus anyone within 5 yards, except the witch. Anyone in the radius gets an Onerous (7) Spirit roll to avoid the effect, but if this roll is failed the target just can't work up enough gumption to do anything.

Lethargy can't convince someone to do anything, though it might convince them to do nothing, and that's often just what the witch desires. The witch version creates a sweet, hazy smell akin to incense that calms those within the range of the spell.

High levels of adrenaline negate this spell. It cannot be used in life threatening situations that have already developed or in combat.

Mind Tweak (Converted Hex)
TN: 5
Components: Something appropriate to the trait being raised — a book for Knowledge, fish for Smarts, a cat's eyes for Cognition, makeup or a comb for Mien, and a spiritual item for Spirit (a cross, an ankh, etc)
Scroungin: Varies

Effect: See Corporeal Tweak.

Old Timer (Converted Hex)
TN: 7
Components: Salt and linen
Scroungin': 5

Effect: Old Timer magically extends the witch's life by one year — and that's not one old year, that's one year immediately. It essentially prevents aging for one year. If the witch goes bust on the Witchcraft roll, she automatically ages one year. This spell can only be self-cast.

Penetratin' Gaze (Converted Hex)
TN: 5
Components: A body part from some sort of nocturnal creature
Scroungin': 5

Effect: Penetratin' Gaze allows the witch to see through darkness, fog, thick cloth, and magical illusions. Wood, metal, and the like block it. The witch can see as clearly as if it were a sunny day. The spell lasts for one minute per Witchcraft level.

Phantasm (Converted Hex)
TN: 5
Components: A broken dreamcatcher
Scroungin': 7

Effect: Phantasm conjures illusions that the target of the spell finds terrifying — things from their nightmares, darkest fears, and such. Only the target can see the illusions, and they must make an Onerous (7) Guts check (remember the Fear Level penalty) or roll 3d6 on the Scart table. Each raise on the Witchcraft roll increases the TN by +2 and adds 1d6 to the Scart table roll. Harrowed are particularly susceptible to this hex and suffer a -2 penalty to the Guts check.

Rainmaker (Converted Hex)
TN: 5
Components: A cup of water, a rainstick (not consumed), and a drum (not consumed)
Scroungin: Varies

Effect: Rainmaker can conjure up rainy weather. The witch must perform some sort of ceremony with the rainstick and drum for at least ten minutes for the spell to work. The exact effect depends on the current weather and the number of raises on the Witchcraft roll. A single success will at least create a light, drizzling rain that persists for an hour or so, or will increase the intensity of an existing rainstorm by one step (drizzle to steady rain, steady rain to thunderstorm, etc). Each raise on the Witchcraft roll increases the length of the storm by one hour and intensity of the storm by another step.

This spell can only be cast once per day.

Silver-Tongued Devil (Converted Hex)
TN: 5
Components: "Snake oil" of some kind
Scroungin': 5

Effect: This spell makes the witch's words slicker than snake oil. It grants a +2 to Persuasion, Bluff, or Ridicule rolls per success and raise on the Witchcraft roll, and lasts for about 10 minutes.

Siren Song (Converted Hex)
TN: 5
Components: A stick or cone of incense
Scroungin': 5

Effect: Siren Song allows the witch to mesmerize an audience with a performance of some kind — a dance, a song, or something similar. Anyone who sees or hears the performance — usually those out to about 20-30 yards — usually tries to get closer and/or watch intently. Victims get an Onerous (7) Spirit roll to resist the effect (attacking the targets also immediately ends the spell). When the performance ends, Siren Song ends as well.

Some hindrances may give a bonus to the resistance roll. If the performance is a song and the victim has Bad Ears, they receive a +4 bonus (or immunity if stone deaf). Similar bonus apply for those with Bad Eyes watching a dance.

Spiderform (Converted Homebrew Hex)
TN: 7
Components: A spider, living or dead. If dead, it can't be too badly deteriorated.
Scroungin': 3; a bust on the Scroungin' roll indicates a spider bite. This requires an Onerous (7) Vigor roll; success deals one wound to an arm from minor swelling, failure deals two wounds and 1d6 Wind that returns at the rate of one per day. Going bust on the Vigor roll means that gangrene has set in; see the frostbite rules in the Wasted West Companion for details. On the plus side, finding spiders is usually pretty easy in many areas.

Effect: Spiderform will, for a short time (about one hour), give the target some of the advantages of being a black widow spider.

The first benefit of Spiderform is two extra pairs of limbs that sprout just below the witch's own regular arms. The limbs can be used to deal the target's Strength in brawling damage, but aren't really suited for fighting; they can't effectively hold a weapon. On the plus side, they do not interfere with most tasks and cannot take damage in a fight. They give the witch a +4 bonus to any Climbin' checks and a +4 bonus to any Strength rolls where all of the witch's limbs can be brought to bear (such as when holding a door against some horror). They also allow the witch to climb along any smooth surface or ceiling, and increase Pace while climbing (smooth surfaces or otherwise) by +4.

The second benefit of this spell is the ability to slowly exude a sticky thread from the area around the tailbone, much like a spider can produce silk. This can be used as a rope, though it can only support the caster and one other person (special cases, such as Big Un': Obese, Scrawny, and lots of carried gear may alter this at the Marshal's discretion). The webbing only persists for 2d6 minutes after the spell ends (so it's not necessarily a good replacement for real rope), and can't be produced fast enough to be used effectively in combat.

Finally, the caster's skin hardens a bit (like a chitinous exoskeleton) and she gains -4 armor.

Widow's Fang (Converted Homebrew Hex)
TN: 5
Components: A dagger or knife of some kind, and a crushed spider. The weapon is not consumed.
Scroungin': 3; a bust on the Scroungin' roll indicates a spider bite. This requires an Onerous (7) Vigor roll; success deals one wound to an arm from minor swelling, failure deals two wounds and 1d6 Wind that returns at the rate of one per day. Going bust on the Vigor roll means that gangrene has set in; see the frostbite rules in the Wasted West Companion for details. On the plus side, finding spiders is usually pretty easy in many areas.

Effect: This spell coats a dagger or knife with a potent poison. In addition to the normal damage dealt by the knife, it deals an additional 3d6 damage and 3d6 Wind from the poison coating it. If for some reason the target of this spell happens to be the spouse, fiance, lover, or date of the witch who cast it (ie, married to them or courting them in some way), the poison's damage is increased to 5d6 damage and 5d6 Wind.

Any creature immune to poison suffers no additional damage from the poison created by this spell.

Widow's Web (Converted Hex)
TN: 5
Components: Some spider's web
Scroungin': 3

Effect: This conjures a plane of web that is up to 30x30 feet (10x10 yards) in size, oriented horizontally or vertically. It's about 2 inches thick and very sticky, and lasts one minute. Trying to break through the web requires a Hard (9) Strength roll. Creatures stuck in the web may make Fair (5) Strength rolls to escape, but each failed attempt increases the TN by +2 because struggling only further entangles the victim.

The web is very flammable and burns to a cinder in one round if it comes into contact with fire. Anyone caught in the web at that time takes 2d12 damage.

The web does not obscure sight, and projectiles such as bullets can pass through freely. Larger projectiles such as axes or spears suffer a -4 penalty if passing through the web; pulling free a stuck object requires a Fair (5) Strength roll.

Witch Sense (Converted Hex)
TN: 5
Components: An antique lens (not consumed) and powdered lavender
Scroungin': 7 (for the lavender)

Effect: Witch Sense allows the witch to see and sense magical enchantments. Concentrating for one round allows the witch to detect the presence or absence of magic; a second round detects the type (relic, hex, witch spell, doomsayer magic, etc), and a third round will tell the witch the general effect.

If the magic is a witch spell, the witch also automatically knows the exact spell known and may even be able to learn it with a Hard (9) Academia Occult roll and a few hours of study.

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