General Information
Witches are spellcasters who have learned spells from a cookbook published by Annabelle Lee Devlin called, "How to Serve Your Man." Other volumes with more spells were planned, but were never printed.

Witches can also take pacts, which are similar to gifts for old-school Blessed.

The Witch Arcane Background, when played with only official material, is generally considered to be a low-investment/low return Arcane Background. Witches have no moral obligations, relatively few limitations on their spells, and no particular enemies. Their spells, while not especially strong, have no Backlash.

These facts are mitigated with the use of homebrew material, which can turn the Witch AB into a source of good spellcasting power.

Playing a Witch
In order to be a Witch, a character must purchase Arcane Background (Witch) for 3 points and take Belongin's 2 (How to Serve Your Man). Witches use a Knowledge-based skill called Witchcraft to cast their spells and a good Scroungin' skill is necessary to get the required spell components. Taking the Arcane Background (Witch) Edge grants access to all six spells in How to Serve Your Man. Spells found in other sources can be purchased for 5 bounty points each.

How To Serve Your Man has the following spells in it:

Beast Speak: Allows the witch to speak with animals.

Eldritch Blast: Turns a round projectile into a magical energy blast.

Healing Poultice: Completely heals surface wounds.

Love Potion No. 9: After drinking this, the person will fall in love with the first member of the appropriate sex they see.

Ghost Shield: In exchange for 8 ounces of ghost rock, this gives the witch a shield that will stop 50% of most incoming attacks (physical or magical).

Sleep: Makes sleeping powder that is thrown in the face of a target (including harrowed) to make them fall asleep.

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