Windel Pon

Hailing from Egorian, Archmage Windel Pon was considered one of the most preeminent wizards and Masters of Magic of his day, with whispered rumors speaking that the great Wizard's power was only rival to that of Nex himself.

When Aroden died and the capital of Cheliax was moved to Egorian, Archmage Pon and various other wizards worked to establish the Egorian College of Magic in order to train student wizards to better themselves in the magical arts. In fact, Pon served on the faculty of the college for many years before he formally retired to his tower in the secluded countryside.

Unfortunately, while the Archmage's strong magic has kept him from dying, it did little to save his mind from the ravage of years artificially (and rumors have it, bargained for) extended well past beyond his time. Now, unstable and senile on the best of his days, Windel is nothing more than a shadow of his former glory and power, his position at the Egorian Academy kept mostly out of obligation and remembrance for the man's previous works than for any other reason.

Recently, however… It seems Windel has decided rather abruptly that he is due for a change of scenery, and has transported his rather reality defying house out into the Queendom of Zeltenia's farmlands to set up residence.

On the days he is spotted being wheeled by his very attractive and above all aggravated looking nurse around the nearby city of Jindark, people remark that Windel mostly keeps his insane mumbling to himself. He often stays in the park for several hours at a time willing to talk to anyone within earshot of him as he feeds pigeons to the bread (don't ask).

Str: 4, Dex: 4, Con: 4, Int: 37, Wis: 5, Cha: 10

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