Widow's Fang

Widow's Fang (Spirit)
Speed: 1
Duration: 2 rounds/level
Range: Self
Hand: Ace

Widow's Fang conjures a fang-shaped (though still relatively normal-looking) dagger that can be wielded in combat. It deals STR + 1d4 damage (DB + 1), much like a regular knife, and it ignores any non-supernatural armor. Note that just because a creature is supernatural doesn't mean that its armor is supernatural; a creature with a thick layer of chitin might be a creature of the Reckoning, but its armor is still just chitin.

The Fightin' (Knife) aptitude is almost required to get any value out of this hex at all, unless the huckster only plans on sticking helpless targets.

The real benefit of this hex however is the nasty poison that coats the weapon, which can rapidly turn the target's innards into slimy goo. If the target takes a single point of damage from the fang (even if a wound level is not inflicted), he is injected with some of the weapon's poison. The better the hand drawn, the more potent the venom.

The poison from Widow's Fang only works against living targets (they need not be specifically living humans), though the knife can still be wielded as an armor-ignoring weapon against foes immune to the poison. Limbs that are Maimed by the poison swell up and turn necrotic, and must be amputated within 2d6 hours if not healed by magic (otherwise, gangrene begins to spread to the target's Guts).

If for some reason the target of this spell happens to be the spouse, fiance, lover, or date of the huckster who cast it (ie, married to them or courting them in some way), the victim takes damage as if the hand was two steps better.

Hand Bonus Damage
Ace 1d6 + 1d6 Wind
Pair 2d6 + 1d6 Wind
Jacks 3d6 + 1d6 Wind
Two Pair 4d6 + 2d6 Wind
Three of a Kind 4d8 + 2d6 Wind
Straight 5d8 + 2d6 Wind
Flush 6d8 + 2d6 Wind
Full House 6d10 + 3d6 Wind
Four of a Kind 6d12 + 3d6 Wind
Straight Flush 6d12 + 4d6 Wind
Royal Flush Incredible (11) Vigor roll or die*
Dead Man's Hand Incredible (11) Vigor roll or die*

*If the roll is made, it is treated as a Straight Flush result.

Stamp of Approval: Charlie, Tanner

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