Weighed Against The Feather Of Truth

Note: This miracle is not granted by most deities. Its intended purpose is for a Blessed who is a follower of the Kemetic (Egyptian) pantheon, the deities Bast and Sekhmet in particular.

Weighed Against the Feather of Truth
TN: 7
Speed: 1 (if the heart is in your hand)
Range: Self
Weighed Against the Feather of Truth will send an opponent's heart to the scales of Ma'at to be weighed against the Feather of Truth. Those who are morally corrupt have their souls devoured (and can't return as Harrowed!). The heart to be sent must be in the Blessed's hand (digging it out requires 1d6 actions; a TN 7 Nimbleness roll lowers that by one action per success and raise, to a minimum of 1 action), and the heart must have come from a creature with a mortal soul. This generally means that only humans and some abominations qualify. Further, this miracle can only be used during the day while the sun is in the sky, and can only be attempted once per heart.

The game effect of this miracle is that for each corrupt heart the Blessed sacrifices, he or she stores up a bit of favor from Ra (Sekhmet and Bastet were used by Ra to destroy the unrighteous). Each heart can be later used to automatically add one raise to any ritual, provided that the minimum success was met; if the miracle was failed outright, this bonus cannot be applied. A Blessed can store the favor from up to one heart per level of Faith, and can only apply one heart's worth of favor to a miracle at a time. This favor hangs around for a bit, but if the Blessed is relatively idle for more than three days per level of Faith, all stored up hearts dissipate.

Only the heart of an evil individual can be used in this miracle. The person must at least be generally evil — some bandits would fit this requirement, while evil cultists and other such obviously evil targets would definitely work. In the end, it's the Marshal's call. However, be warned that sending the heart of a good person to Ma'at prematurely is not looked upon favorably! This counts as a Mortal Sin on the Sinnin' table — with an additional -2 penalty!

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