Weather In The Sodden Lands

The weather in the Sodden Lands is considerably worse than many other places. Here is some commonly encountered weather conditions and the penalties associated with each.


It frequently rains in the Sodden Lands, thanks to the Eye of Abendego. Normal rain generally refers to a good, solid rain, but not necessarily as much as a thunderstorm.

Mechanical Effects: Visibility is halved, -4 to Perception checks, extinguishes unprotected flames automatically with a 50% chance of extinguishing protected ones per round, and -4 to ranged weapon attacks.


Thunderstorms add dangerous lightning to normally harmless rain.

Mechanical Effects: Thunderstorms have rain and usually wind as well, but the danger of lightning is also present. Lightning bolts from the sky normally do between 4d8 and 10d8 points of electricity damage. Around one in ten thunderstorms is accompanied by a tornado. The typical thunderstorm is also accompanied by Strong winds, which add another -2 penalty to ranged attacks, check Tiny creatures, and provide a -2 penalty to Fly checks (Strong wind by itself has the same chance of extinguishing flames as Rain).


Hurricanes usually make adventuring activities impossible, or nearly so.

Mechanical Effects: As a Thunderstorm, but with hurricane force winds which automatically extinguish flames, make ranged attacks impossible (except siege weapons which are at -8), blow away creatures of Medium size or smaller and check foes of Large size. Fly checks suffer a -12 penalty. Sound-based Perception checks are impossible; all characters can hear is the roaring of the winds.

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