Weapons Of Seriade

Over the last several decades Seriade has developed an array of highly advanced weapons, which have aided them greatly in conquering the elves. While a few of these weapons have been captured, no other nation has the infrastructure to produce them in significant quantities, so they haven't been able to field any significant number of them. Still, a few people have learned to use these powerful weapons — usually tinkerers or friends of tinkerers who have the capability to keep them operational.


Training in the Tinkering skill will allow a character to gain the proficiency bonus with Military Seriade weapons, though a character must spend a few days training with a given weapon to gain the bonus if he has never used a weapon of this type before. Superior Seriade weapons require a feat for proficiency, like any other Superior weapon. Humans from Seriade have a special feat for this.

Rockets designed to be fired out of regular rocket launchers use the rules found in the main Tinkering section, as these weapons are not significantly different from the rockets in general use.


Seriade weapons can only be crafted by those with appropriate schematics. This is the only restriction on the creation of these weapons, though since they are being created without the proper tools and equipment the creation time and monetary cost is doubled.


As new technology, these weapons are sometimes unreliable. If a natural 1 is rolled in combat, the weapon jams and remains so until a Tinkering check (DC 20) is made as a minor action. For this reason, most people who use these weapons carry a backup weapon.

Additionally, after each adventure (which is defined by the GM), 10% of the weapon's production cost must be paid in maintenance. Anyone trained in the Tinkering skill can perform this maintenance with no roll required.


While Seriade is always researching new types of ammunition, basic ammunition is not very hard to produce. Anyone trained in the Tinkering skill can produce 20 shots for a given weapon (ammo is weapon specific) at a cost of 5 gp. Ammunition weighs 3 pounds per 20 shots, and rounds are expended upon being fired.

Ranged Weapons

Catsray (Shotgun)

Production Cost: 300 gp
2d6 Damage, Range 5/10, Tinkered, Superior Seriade, Load Minor, Prof. +2

  • Adjacent creatures suffer 1d6 damage if main target is Medium or smaller

This weapon discharges a load of shot when fired, dealing damage over a wide area. Being significantly cheaper to produce than other weapons, it is among the more common tinkered weapons issued in Seriade.

Glowtusk (Rifle)

Production Cost: 500 gp
1d12 Damage, Range 20/40, Brutal 2, Tinkered, Superior Seriade, Load Minor, Prof. +3

A long range weapon that uses a small explosion to propel steel needles at a high speed. Commonly used by snipers as a replacement for the bow.

Grave (Pepperbox)

Production Cost: 700 gp
1d8 Damage (1 or 3 Attacks), Range 5/10, Tinkered, Superior Seriade, Load Standard, Prof. +1 or +2

  • When used to fire three shots at once, the second and third shots must either be against the same target as the first shot or against a creature or creatures no more than 3 squares away from the first target.
  • Can only be used with Powers when set to single fire, unless the Power specifically says otherwise.
  • When firing 3 shots at once, the proficiency bonus decreases to +1. The first shot is resolved as a standard ranged basic attack, while the second and third shots are ranged basic attacks, but only deal 1d8 + 1 damage. There is no way to increase the damage on the second and third shots.

Approximately 2 feet long with twelve rotating barrels and a windup gear, this weapon discharges three projectiles per trigger pull, but isn't very accurate. It can be set on single fire for precise work.

Raptor (Carbine)

Production Cost: 150 gp
1d10 Damage, Range 10/20, Brutal 1, Tinkered, Military Seriade, Load Minor, Prof. +2

  • Does not require maintenance.
  • Does not jam on a natural 1.

A simple version of the Glowtusk which is often issued to new recruits and soldiers that do not focus on ranged attacks. It's easy to use and is fairly reliable.

Thunderer (Pistol)

Production Cost: 500 gp
1d10 Damage, Range 10/20, Brutal 1, Tinkered, Superior Seriade, Load Minor, Prof. +2

  • Holds 4 shots in a rotating barrel, which breaks down to load.

A shorter, smaller version of the Grave. It lacks the ability to fire rapidly but it has good range and can fire four shots before needing to be reloaded.

Wolverine (Pistol)

Production Cost: 100 gp
1d8 Damage, Range 5/10, Brutal 1, Tinkered, Military Seriade, Load Minor, Prof. +2

  • Does not require maintenance.
  • Does not jam on a natural 1.

Essentially a shorter version of the Raptor, this handheld weapon is also easy to use and sometimes issued to melee troops as a backup.

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