Wasted West House Rules

The rules are mostly the same as the Deadlands House Rules. Additions or changes to those rules are noted here.


While the mechanics of this Edge are unchanged, note that in Hell on Earth the items you want may be more closely scrutinized by the GM. The world is ruined, after all, and part of the setting is the desperation.

Items that fit your character are likely to be approved. An infantry battlesuit and some assorted weapons are good items for an ex-soldier to take, but some random dude might have this request rejected. Basically, justifying your items reasonably well in your character history is a good way to get what you want.


Dinero simply offers +250 dollars of starting cash and 50 dollars of "found money" per level. This is a reduction from the standard amount.

As a reminder of the standard rules, you can use certain skills (Bluff, Persuasion, Scroungin', or Streetwise) against a TN of 9 to get your allotment of "found money." You can't do this more than one time per week in the same place, and the gains are often in the form of favors, milrats, weapons, or even healing by a traveling Doomsayer or Templar. Other skills, primarily Trades or Professions, might also allow your character to gain this money. The once per week limitation still applies, however.


Atomic Blast: This spell ignores non-supernatural armor. Note that this armor-piercing effect does not necessarily apply to any other Doomsayer spell, just this one.

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