War Battle Power List

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Aggression X (Passive)

Increases the maximum damage dealt by the unit, where X is the amount of damage the character adds.

Ambush (X/Battle)

The unit can activate this ability when initiating a skirmish. The unit will win initiative every round automatically (unless the opponent chooses to Defend) and gains a +2 bonus to attack, defense, and damage.

Arrow Rain (X/Battle)

Unleashes a rain of arrows against a nearby unit, dealing 2d6 + 1 damage. Range 1.

Assassinate (Passive)

When a unit with this ability defeats an enemy unit, the major characters in that enemy unit have a 40% chance of dying instead of 20%. Bodyguard still negates this ability for others, though the Bodyguard will suffer the increased death chance.

Bodyguard (Passive)

The character protects the other major characters in the unit; if it is routed, the other major characters have a 0% chance of dying. The Bodyguard maintains the standard 20% chance of death. If more than one character in the unit has Bodyguard, the owner of the army gets to decide which character activates the ability.

Charge (X/Battle)

The unit unleashes brutal charging maneuver. This ability is used when initiating a skirmish, and grants that unit one free hit that is automatically successful. The skirmish then proceeds as normal from that point on.

Dash (X/Battle)

For a single move, this ability gives a unit a +2 bonus to Movement.

Earth Rune (X/Battle)

Cause an earthquake dealing 2d4 + 1 damage to all units in an area. Range 1. Also negates the Tightened Defenses status.

Endurance X (Passive)

Increases the maximum hit points of the unit, where X is the number of additional hit points bestowed.

Extra (X/Battle)

Uses of this ability do nothing on their own. They can be spent as uses of other per-battle abilities that the unit possesses; for example, if an Archer unit with Arrow Rain had access to one or more uses of Extra, they could spend those uses of Extra to use more Arrow Rains.

Fireball (X/Battle)

Unleashes a magical fire attack on a nearby location, dealing 2d6 + 1 damage to all units stationed there. Range 1.

Fire Rune (X/Battle)

Deals 2d6 + 2 damage to all units in a location. Range 1.

Haste X (Passive)

Increases the initiative bonus of the unit, where X is the initiative bonus granted.

Leadership X (Passive)

Increases the number of actions available to your army per phase, where X is the number of additional actions.

Lightning Rune (X/Battle)

Deals 2d10 + 1 damage to a single enemy unit. Range 2.

Punishment Rune (X/Battle)

Deals 2d10 + 2 damage to all units in an area. Range 2.

Recover (X/Battle)

Restores 1d10 + 5 hit points to a unit. Range 1.

Rifle Salvo (X/Battle)

Unleashes a salvo of rifle fire on a nearby unit, dealing 2d8 + 2 damage. Range 2.

Seriade (Passive)

Seriade units benefit from superior technology and tactics that are unavailable to others. This trait gives a passive, stacking +1 to Attack, Damage, and Defense and +2 to Initiative and Hit Points.

Slow (X/Battle)

Used at the start of a skirmish, regardless of whether you are the attacker or not. The opponent's Initiative suffers a -4 penalty for the duration of the skirmish.

Stonewall X (Passive)

Increases the defense rating of the unit, where X is the amount of extra defense bestowed.

Water Rune (X/Battle)

Restores 1d6 + 5 hit points to all units in a location. Range 0.

Warcry (X/Battle)

Use when initiating a skirmish. The enemy unit suffers a -2 penalty to Initiative and Damage for the duration of the skirmish.

Wind Rune (X/Battle)

Deals 2d6 + 1 damage to an enemy unit (Range 1) and restores 1d4 + 5 hit points to the user's unit or an allied unit in the same location.

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