The Nomen Centaurs speak of a thing of evil that lies dormant within the land of Olah-Kankanket…
Of an ancient evil cyclops overlord from the mother tribes that wishes to destroy… Wishes to dominate all that it sees…
In hushed tones akin to talk of 'boogeymen', they whisper his name and speak it with dread…


What is this name they speak of?
Is it simply a tale to scare little foals at night?

Or is it something more??


As the party explored Vordakai's Lair, the discovered what this monster truly was…
An lich cyclops that had been in a stupor for upwards of 10,000 years, he was finally released when the seal on the tomb was broken. Vordakai drew his power from the Oculus of Abbadon. However, the party found the Oculus's focusing chamber and, by defacing and destroying the images, were able to crack and destroy Vordakai's eye, robbing him of much of his focus and power.

After repelling an initial attack from the enraged undead cyclops, the party defeated his powerful champion and chased him to the center of his lair where they fought him before he had time to mount a better offensive and defeated him.

The party was later informed that it was not actually the original Vordakai they had defeated. The lich cyclops was actually an apprentice of Vordakai who took his teacher's name after the original Vordakai was killed. He was attempting to gain as much power as possible to become as strong as his master had been.

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