Virginia Knights

Player: Tanner


A twelve year old girl who can handle a gun quite well for her age. She's of average height with black hair and pale skin. The weapons she carries (a few pistols, occasionally a scattergun) makes her appear a bit unusual, as most girls her age don't concern themselves with such things.

Virginia has not revealed much about her past to anyone in the posse. When asked about such, she avoids the question. She does appear to be educated and graceful however, which implies some sort of privileged background.



Edit (2/5/09): Virginia sometimes refers to a person named Charlene, almost as if she has an "invisible friend"…

Edit (2/12/09): Strangely enough, Virginia seems to be able to take some significant injuries and remain relatively unfazed.

Edit (3/5/09): Virginia's strange powers have an identifiable source — she's a harrowed.

Edit (3/1/10): Virginia's Full Character History

Pictures, etc

Virginia and Charlene

EGL Virginia

Virginia and Charlene

Virginia in Black

Virginia in Blue

Virginia at School, Pre-harrowed

Year 2094

In one possible future, Virginia survives into the years where Hell on Earth takes place. After over two centuries of fighting the creatures of the Reckoning, Virginia finally loses all dominion to her manitou. The posse in Hell on Earth in Donnie's Campaign made her remember who she used to be and helped her reclaim dominion, allowing her to fight on the side of good once more.

Two centuries have changed her, though. No longer is she the innocent girl she was in 1876; her expression is one of maturity and experience, and she often comes off as creepy to the average joe, especially when her supernatural abilities become apparent.

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