Victoria The Half Elf Bard

"Name's Victoria, or at least that's my human name. I was born in northern Aerenal in the port town of T'cha'lik (that roughly translates to Darkwood Port for those of you who don't speak Elven). I'm half-elven — not too many of us in Aerenal, but there are some; both of my parents were half-elves. T'cha'lik sports a decent number of us, more than any of the settlements further inland. Don't worry, we aren't considered pariahs there; most of us just have too much energy for our more somber brethren.

Both of my parents were entertainers, and not just of the mundane music-playing variety. They knew that music had magic in it, and they could charm an angry guard into letting them pass by unmolested or stop a rampaging bear cold with a lullaby. It's no surprise that I took after them.

I spent the first nineteen years of my life in T'cha'lik, watching the Last War along with just about everybody else. Fortunately, we never really got that involved; Aerenal was content to allow Khorvaire to have it's little spat without intervention. I can't say that I thought any differently, because I wasn't exactly in a hurry to go fight there. It didn't really have anything to do with me, after all.

Still, after the war was over, I was overcome with wanderlust. T'cha'lik had become dull, and I wanted to see the world. I wanted to travel all over Khorvaire and see what it had to offer. I decided to go to Valenar first, since I figured that it would be the most similar place to Aerenal and a good starting point.

I was wrong. Many of the Valenar were less than friendly, and some of them kept trying to pick fights with me. Worse, they treated anyone who wasn't a full-blooded elf as a second class citizen. Needless to say, I didn't spend long there.

Next, I traveled north to the Talenta Plains. I found the halflings to be a lot friendlier than the Valenar, for the most part. While I was passing through Gatherhold, they were holding some kind of festival, and I managed to make a decent bit of money there with my music.

Karrnath was next. The cities there reminded me of T'cha'lik, with their thriving trade and urban, upbeat feel. I almost hated to leave. Aundair and Breland were about the same, though Thrane was more uptight than the others — the Silver Flame has a lot of power there, and I nearly got into a fight because an overly-zealous asshole was abusing a warforged. I consider Thrane something of a one-night stand; I have no interest in going back.

These days, I'm still wandering. One day, if I can get a few people to travel with me, I'd like to go to some of the more dangerous places…maybe even Xen'drik one day. I hear that all kinds of ancient and valuable things can be found there, and the city of Stormreach doesn't sound so bad…"


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