Vicmorn Carter


During the first few moments of the battle, that would eventually come to change the city to Siege City, Vicmorn ran out to find his brother. Dodging the people running the other way and weaving through back allies to get to his brother’s post, he made it in time as one of the besieging soldiers pulled their blade from his brother.

Vicmorn screamed is fright and turned back, using his speed and knowledge of the back allies to his advantage as he eluded the soldiers easily, but he didn’t stop running until he had made it to the inner city, there he hid from everyone.

Living off what he could take, he stayed hidden for almost a year, then Vago found him taking food from a House kitchen. Vago told him that he didn’t have to hide anymore, that there was a place his skills would be welcome and he would be trained to use them to his advantage in every situation. Enthralled by Vago’s words, Vicmorn went with him back to a part of the inner city that had seen heavy battles during the besiegement.

Vicmorn was taken in by the Siege Breakers, a ragtag group of individuals that Vago, along with Detxun, had gathered together and organized them into a group that stole and attacked the Organa parts of the city mainly. Some call them criminals, thieves, or worse, but the Mecha city government won’t turn them over to the Organa authorities due to their usefulness in some situations.


Other Information:

Mother died of natural causes when Vicmorn was little.
Father left the city shortly before the siege. Last words to Vicmorn: “I’ll be back in a month or two. Listen to your brother.”
Brother died in the first battle of the siege.

The Siege Breakers is a group organized in secret by Vago Knightshade, and his wife Detxun, to focus their stealth and thievery skills at the “Organa encroachers.”

Vago and Detxun trained Vicmorn to be a rogue in the years since he joined the Siege Breakers.

Upon finding Vago, Vicmorn felt compelled to leave the group and return to Siege City with Vago.

10 years after finding Vago in The Underdark, Vicmorn is now the leader of the Siege Breakers and he is using this leadership opportunity to turn the group around. His time with Caeser and Ophilia has had an obvious affect on him. Though he has to move carefully to maintain control of the Siege Breakers that remain loyal to Vago's anti-Organa teachings, he is slowly turning the group into something much more.

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