Traven the Seeker

(This is filler till I finish the backstory)

Traven the Seeker

A legacy. My father left one. It's now my "responsibility" to follow behind and do my best to live up to it. I'm not exactly thrilled with that concept. But it is what makes my father happy. And in turn, that makes my mother happy. Which means I get to do it. Don't get me wrong, I respect my father for the things he did. He served a full career in the military. He is a distinguished veteran who fought for decades to defend his country. But a soldier isn't something I ever had a particular interest in being. Not that falling in my mothers shoes was much of an option either. My mother is an artist. She fell in love with my father when he came into port.

So what do I want to be? Not that it matters. But my uncle's life has always been more interesting to me than my father's. He was a hunter. And an adventurer. He and the group he ran with traveled the area do what they wanted. He enjoyed his "work". Many of my favorite childhood memories are of his visits. He gave me my first bow. But alas, my father's legacy must be fulfilled.

I spent some time trying to figure out a way to accomplish both what I wanted, and my father's goals for me. Then a solution presented itself. I noticed a poster in town that said the sheriff was looking for help. He needed people to join the town guard and defend the city and surrounding area. It sounded like enough to at least placate my father for the time. And I was right. My father couldn't have been more excited.

So for the last 5 years, I've been part of the town guard. But frankly, not much has happened. I don't really feel like I've gained much in the way of skill or knowledge. However, if it keeps my father happy, I'm content.

Recently, the sheriff called myself and several other younger guards into his office and told us we had been assigned to help a local adventuring group. They apparently had been assisting the city, and could use some help. Before we set out to find them, the sheriff pulled me aside. He handed me a note and told me to read it later. It contained some more specific orders for me during my time helping the adventurers.

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