Timeline From Previous Campaign To Present

Year 3105: The previous campaign ends. Seriade is clearly preparing itself for war against the Elven Nations, and they
have allegedly attacked Sylvan coastlines. The Rift in northern Guardia has been spewing increasing numbers of undead,
and the Haven of Light is under heavy attack.

Year 3109: Seriade launches a full scale invasion of the Elven Nations, utilizing war machines of incredible power. The
elves fight valiantly, but they are outnumbered and outmatched.

Year 3112: In the wastelands, a race of lizard or dragon-kind is reported to have some semblance of (primitive)
civilization. Where they came from is unknown; no previous reports mention them.

Year 3115: Seriade claims over half of the Elven Nations. Elves who aren't killed in battle are taken as slaves, forced to
work to provide their masters with supplies to continue the war. A few are forced to fight in the coliseum to entertain the

Year 3117: After claiming around 70% of the Elven Nations, the Seriade war machine begins to peter out. With less land
to defend, the elves are able to put up better defenses. A strip of land a few miles wide exists as a sort of “no man's land”
between the two forces.

Year 3121: Red Dragon Lancers, led by a mysterious unknown figure rumored to be half-dragon, launch calculated
assaults on Bronze Dragon Lancer strongholds. Weakened from fighting in the Elven-Human war, many Bronze Dragon
Lancers are killed. Red Dragon Lancers around the world begin to act with far less secrecy, openly attacking villages and
plundering old ruins in places such as the deserts of Isis. For the most part, the remaining Bronze Dragon Lancers pull back
into Gardenbur, where their depleted numbers focus primarily on defending their homeland.

Year 3122: After a titanic struggle, the Haven of Light falls to the forces of the undead. The undead march southward in a
chaotic frenzy, but seem to get weaker as they travel further and further from the Rift. While still dangerous, Guardia is
managing to fight them off, but at a much greater cost than before – a significant piece of land was lost, and the government
has to constantly fund patrols from it's regular army to clear out undead that wander too far to the south.

Year 3127: Many scholars begin to realize that fewer and fewer sorcerers are developing lunar ties with Liabo, Lornon,
and Tiloak. Existing lunar sorcerers notice little change (though the chaotic effects of the moons rarely swing positive these
days, except for Makiri), but it is estimated that the number of lunar sorcerers appearing over the last couple of decades has
decreased by as much as 90% — except for Makiri sorcerers, who are appearing in even greater number.
This change has coincided with the ever-growing Makiri, which has many of the more educated classes worried. Scholars
have long since noticed that it has grown larger (whether it was actually growing or getting closer to Teras was unknown),
but the rate of growth has been very slow up until the beginning of the century. By 3127, Makiri is approximately 50%
larger than it was in 3100 – most experts are sure that Makiri is both getting closer AND growing. What this means for the
inhabitants of Teras remains to be seen.

Year 3136: By this point, the Dragonborn that originated in the eastern wastelands migrate out, leaving the wastelands
behind. Most of them refuse to talk about their past, but a few mention stories of enslavement at the hands of dragons in
some far away place. The more enlightened societies of the world welcome these people (who for the most part, seem to
earn a living as honest mercenaries), but some of the less civilized lands shun them. Dragonborn are killed on sight in

Year 3140: A series of damaging earthquakes tear through Burland, destroying many of the deepest dwarven tunnels. The
dwarves rebuild, this time with a significant portion of their cities on the surface.

Year 3144: Seriade begins to recover from the earlier war…though the Elven Nations have, as well. Instead of continuing
the fight there, they set up a colony in the Northern Wildlands, and begin to make deals with the native Giantmen. Most
believe that they intend to invade Gardenbur, probably to steal the valuable Sephwir wood.

Year 3150: With most of the tombs plundered, Isis decides to pull back it's patrols of the desert and strengthen its military.
Some believe that Isis is planning to get involved if Seriade should make any more military strikes – most likely on the side
of the elves – but their exact intentions are unknown.

Year 3155: Present day.

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