High Elf Rogue
When Thoryn was very young, his father decided to move him away from the horrors of war in the Elven Nations. They settled in Winter Haven, were Thoryn grew into an adult. He always had a tendency to steal from the other people in town and was somewhat of a bully to the other kids, especially those of elven decent. In his mid-teens, Thoryn joined the military. He became exceptionally cruel to the other elven recruits, to the point of making sport of killing them in ever increasing leathality. This was, of coarse, noticed by his commanders, but never discouraged. It was then that his commanders began to fill his head with Seriade's propaganda, even convincing him that he would be a better being if he were to help destroy what was left of the Elven Nations. He worked as an insider and infiltrator, assassin and spy, for Seriade.
On one of his “assignments”, Thoryn came across a holy man sitting alone in silent meditation. “He” spoke of killing and redemption, how one always has the choice of what action to take, which path to follow, how to use ones skills, and the meaning of right action. Hearing these things annoyed Thoryn, so he moved to kill the holy man. “He” moved and caught Thoryns blade, and said “You decide who you are. You create your purpose. Who will you be?” and then vanished. Thoryn stopped to think, 'There must be something more than life and death. But I who know only killing, what else could there be….' There he sat for many days and night contemplating his excistance and purpose.
After much thought, Thoryn leaves the forest and stowes away on a merchant ship. While traveling, the ship is attacked and destroyed. Thoryn survived the attack and was afloat on a piece of drift wood from the ship when he was picked up by a Seriade patrol ship. He was being taken to be hanged when an opportunity arose for escape. Thoryn grabbed some gear and jumped ship.
While working for Seriade, Lt. Sorid, Thoryn's “mentor”, acted as a source of information, weapon supply, and gave base of operation. Sorid was the first to notice Thoryn's “skills” and coax him into improve them. Lt. Sorid himself was a half-elf who had cosmetic surgery to look more human. Sorid is a highly skilled assassin. Though Thoryn believes him to have died, he still lives fallowing his “student” in the shadows. Lt. Sorid is the leader of a death squad called the “Jackal-Vipers”, who Thoryn was once a member of. While a member, Thoryn often helped in the destruction of small cities and towns in Seriade. These “attacks from the inside” where meant for the propagation of the “evils of elves” as during these attacks the assassins where dressed as elves. Thoryn also aided in killing several Seriade government officials for this purpose. (The government needed something to keep up the support for the on going war.) Jackal-Vipers recognize each other by the snake shaped scar on their right cheek.
Though hesitant to kill another elf again, should Thoryn be approached by Sorid, he would be very likely to forget his progress to “redemption” as he feels a very strong since of loyalty to his “mentor”. He wishes to make peace with the world he helped destroy, but Sorid could persuade him that the destruction is nesasary for a more peaceful word to exist.

It has been a few years since joining the now Commander Llewellyn. The war has gotten more violent. I have died several times and been raised. I have fought with living gods. I have been to the Shadowfell more than I would like. I have killed an ally who turned on me, but is to be expected from a hathlyn I suppose. Things are not pretty. Seriade now has airships. I have been told, or rather heard in rumor if you will, that Lt. Sorid has been promoted to Colonel. This is worrisome. It has been several years since we last met. Though after having been recently captured, had I not escaped, I would have been sent to him. Part of me is curious as to WHAT he would do to me. And then there is the question of my former allies, the "Jackal-Vipers". I am surprised that my current companions have not asked about the brand on my arm. Particularly my not Commander. I am not sure what I would do now if I encountered my mentor at this point…

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