Third Edition Lunar Magic

This page contains information for the 3rd edition versions of Lunar Sorcery. There are four different types of Lunar Sorcery, one for each moon. All paths require the user to be a Bard or Sorcerer and take a Lunar Bond feat for the specific path desired. A character cannot normally possess more than one Lunar Bond.

NOTE: This magic is not yet in its final version, if something like this could ever be considered "final." Makiri and especially Lornon have rather lean spell lists and some of the spells in Liabo have a lot of fiddly bonuses that could stand some simplification.

Lunar Magic Spell Lists

Rules Considerations

Spell Focus, etc

Normal versions of Spell Focus do not work with Lunar spells. Instead, the caster must take a specific Spell Focus feat for their Lunar Bond (ie, Spell Focus: Liabo). This applies to most other effects that might boost a given category of spell; for example, none of the Lunar Magic spells would fall under the purview of an item that boosted Evocation spells. The item would have to specifically grant a bonus to Lunar spells.

Scrolls, Wands, etc

Scrolls, Potions, Wands, and other such items can be created with Lunar magic, but other classes besides Bards and Sorcerers treat these spells as if they were not on their class list, prompting a Use Magic Device check.

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