The Trolls

Someone is organizing the trolls. Some trolls carry scraps of paper labelled scout (or scoot). We also ambushed a troll scouting (or scooting) party and Auchs defeated one in single combat.

Update (3/5/12): The trolls seem to have a leader named "Hargluke" or something close to that. He acts as some sort of general, and his headquarters is in what appeared to be an abandoned keep to the southwest of Jindark. Presently, our party is inside this keep for the purpose of slaying as many of the trolls as possible.

Defeat: After discovering the location of the troll's citadel, Terra and company traveled there to destroy it. They managed to clear it out, killing several major trolls in the process. One of them (Nagrundi) even had two heads. The battle was difficult, but the party eventually prevailed and shattered the trolls. The remainder headed west, roughly in the direction of Pitax.

Notable Trolls and Others


The troll's cook. Initially, she was going to leave the party alone, but the party attacked anyway. She wore Boots of Speed.


Leader of this group of trolls. he was originally thought to be responsible for bringing the group together. It is now known that he had the assistance of a person the trolls referred to as the Councilor.

The Councilor

The Councilor is the one who helped organize the trolls in their efforts. The party learned the Councilor is actually Sebastian. He has been helping, possibly controlling, Hargulkle.

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