The Sprocketfires

A family of gnomes that oversees the creation of the airship on Bolmara Island.

Nicodemus Sprocketfire

A genius inventor who has created many incredible tinkered devices throughout his lifetime. He's getting old, but he is dead set on getting his airship (the Cloud Runner) to fly before Lorministra comes to escort him through the Ebon Gates. He's kind of gruff, but he genuinely cares about his family and crew.

In addition to the Cloud Runner, Nicodemus has created a submersible, a sandcraft, a powered boat, and a steam wagon. The sandcraft and steam wagon are currently at his lab in Isis, while the other vehicles are at his primary island lab at Bolmara.

Milo Sprocketfire

Nicodemus's grandson, and the heir to the Sprocketfire legacy. He's a skilled tinkerer in his own right, though he's not quite to the level of his grandfather. Still, he hopes to one day be able to fill his grandfather's shoes, and pilot the Cloud Runner.

Though he doesn't have the many wondrous devices on his resume, he has been able to create a more powerful air crossbow (1d10 damage) that many of the crew use to defend their island.

Clement Sprocketfire

Clement is Milo's annoying younger brother. While he's a tinkerer like the rest of his family, he's also a bit lazy and has occasionally been caught sleeping on the job. A few accidents can be traced back to him, though he denies each one. He's the frequent target of Nicodemus's lectures.


Rousimmoff is the lab's muscle. He's smart for an ogre, but he's mostly used for his incredible muscles. He dresses well (for an ogre) and is pretty niceā€¦at least, until the Sprocketfires are threatened, at which point he'll snap the offending person(s) in two.

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