The Shrikewall Notice Board

The Shrikewall Notice Board is where the party can go to find optional tasks to accomplish. These will usually offer some kind of reward (and thus are worth doing), but are not necessarily crucial to the success of the colony.

Swamp Orchids

Drakus wants swamp orchids.
Progress: Completed- found enough orchids to meet his request.
Received a few hundred gold in potions.

Mithral Mine

There is a believed to be a mithral mine north of Shrikewall.
Progress: Completed -Fire drake is dead, its nest is clear, and the mine secured.
Will receive either a suit of mithral light armor or 1k gold off of a different suit of mithral. — Reward is in party loot.


Patrols say they have spotted a hydra in the swamps roughly east of camp.
Progress: Completed- Kul and Grunbeld found the beast but felt it best to not engage it.
Hydra slain
Body looted.


There are Kobolds south of camp.
Progress: Completed- The party visited the Kobolds and Grunbeld challenged the king to a duel.
The group then interfered and destroyed the angry creatures. A few escape, but the majority were
Looted their cave and the king.

Ekujae Elves

-Note that this may be elevated from the Notice Board
There is a tribe of elves south, near the Black Flow. They are the tribe of an exiled leader of the Ekuaje,
named Hanok-ka.
Progress: Party encountered scouts from the tribe multiple times. After a few non-violent sightings, they
were attacked in a swamp. Two of the three were defeated. The other escaped. Later, a larger group
openly charged Kul and Grunbeld. All four were killed.
This threat needs to be dealt with soon. Though the one elf that was questioned said they number close to
1000. This could be quite a challenge.
Ekujae forces have been effectively halved.
Hanok-ka is dead
Tela is dead
Senna is alive and current whereabouts assumed in Ekujae Exile settlement.


There are supposedly some harpies, or at least some kind of winged humanoids northeast of Shrikewall, probably
in the mountains.
Progress: Completed - Was discovered to be Strix.
Strix are all dead.
Strix king is dead.


Local bandits told the party of a group of roaming orcs called the Black Talon Orcs.
They are said to be very hostile.
Progress: Incomplete- No new info about this.

Night Stalkers

Progress: Incomplete

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