The Old Dwarven Stronghold

The old Dwarven Stronghold is a location the group first became aware of while talking to the gnomes of the Narthrople expedition. The gnomes didn't know an exact location and were looking for it. The group happened upon the stronghold some what accidentally. They were searching and tracking the trolls that had infested the area. They happened upon a fortress built in to the side of mountain. The fortress was full of trolls, including their leader Hargulkle. The trolls were being backed and organized by Sebastian. He was the one bringing them together and using them against the group and Zeltenia. The trolls were defeated by the party and Sebastian was once again almost taken out. He managed to escape yet again. The party has claimed the area around the stronghold as part of the kingdom and will likely incorporate it in to some form of town in the future.

It is still unknown why the gnomes were so interested, but it is likely something the party should look in to.

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