The Monkeymen

The group encountered the monkey men while exploring a forest area not far from Oleg's Trading Post. They approached the group from the trees and demanded the group meet their king. The group refused to go with them, but they were persistent about at least taking the cleric, Aurellia. After much back and forth between Terra and the monkeys, it was agreed that they would contact us later for a meeting. Using messenger pigs, the meeting was set up some time later at the Snake River Camp. The party, Auchs, Akreos, and several guards met a large group of the monkey men and King Eilou. After explaining their wishes through song, it became clear they were interested in Aurellia as she is the cleric of Abadar, who favors civilization. They wished to grow their small monkey man kingdom into a full civilization. After much debate and bargaining, it was decided that Aurellia would meet a small group of monkey men once a month for a few days to train them. Garot will be going as well to better improve his climbing abilities with their help.

The monkey men king, Eilou, is not only interested in civilization, but would personally like to become a cleric of Abadar himself.

Aurellia has met with the monkeymen regularly, and they are becoming much closer to a civilized nation. Eilou is now a cleric of Abadar. Ortharion has started accompanying Aurellia on her visits. During one recent visit, the two were invited to visit the monkey kingdom.

The kingdom they currently inhabit, and have for some time, is actually and ancient Elven settlement. This was of immediate interest to Ortharion. During their visit, he discovered an aiudara, an Elf Gate, located in the king's palace. He and the Elves of Kyonin are currently investigating the gate and its possible future use.

The monkeymen's settlement has been annexed by Zeltenia and named Kubandal.

King Eilou

Str: 12, Dex: 16, Con: 12, Int: 9, Wis: 16, Cha: 14

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