The Masked Man

The man the mysterious porcelain mask that we have seen.

He has been spotted at Garot's funeral, and before that by Persaver and Luc's raven. He is assumed to be responsible for the death of the lawyer who recently visited the kingdom. He left behind a mask as a sort of calling card, and the party has it sealed up just in case he had enchanted it.

He signs his name 'C'. After a devastating attack on Jindark by an owlbear, we discovered a corpse in the creatures nest. The corpse had a ring which allows influence over magical beasts. We found 'c' etched on the ring. C likely had this person send the owlbear to attack Jindark and then used some hidden effect on the ring to make sure the owlbear killed the agent.

We cannot rule out the possibility that 'C' refers to an organization rather than an individual.

C could be shorthand for Contractor.


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