The Man S Promise

A former Rahadoum vessel, the ship was attacked by the Wormwood and was boarded by the party and the rest of the Wormwood's crew, including Captain Barnabas Harrigan himself.

The captain killed and the surviving Rahadoum Sailors integrated into the crew, Barnabas Harrigan left the ship in the hands of his first mate, Mister Plugg and the rest of the Wormwood crew and told him to set sail for Port Peril to wait for him.

Into the journey however, a change in course caused the a rumor to spread that Acting Captain Plugg was going to try and make off with the ship himself to become his own captain.

As mutiny was beginning to be whispered among the party and their friends, a horrible storm hit the ship and caused it to run a ground on Bonewrack Isle.

After the death of Mister Plugg, Liliana Masters took over the ship and has become its new Captain. It has been renamed The Grishend

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