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Welcome to the Junkyard Hilton's Website!

We'd like to welcome you, the customer (or potential customer) to our website. We specialize in providing our customers with the best rooms and service in the Wasted West as well as fulfilling our customer's fantasies at a reasonable price (and with no disease — guaranteed!).

Whether you are a seasoned Hilton veteran or a new customer, have pockets bursting with widgets or are on a tighter budget, you'll find a service that is perfect for you!

Hotel Accommodations

Our rooms are clean, having fully functioning bathrooms, refrigerated drink dispensers (prices vary from 5 to 50 widgets), the softest sheets, and electricity. For an additional fee, we offer room service from the lounge's kitchen. Soy burgers, rattler steak, or even (for a higher price) real, corn-fed beef! The latter is particularly good with a bottle of A3 Steak Sauce (sold separately).

Each night's stay also comes with two hours of service from one of our maids (both male and females available — please specify). This is the Basic Package described below. Additional services may be purchased on the spot if desired.

The Lounge

Our lounge offers some of the finest food in Junkyard along with cheerful service. For those on a budget, soy burgers can be purchased for 2 widgets. A rattler steak costs a mere 20 widgets, while a real, corn-fed beef steak costs 50 widgets. A wide selection of prewar and postwar beverages are available as well; prices vary.

When not with clients, many of our courtesans dance in the lounge. We also have theme nights twice a month! Our next theme night setting is posted on our news page.


We have a wide variety of Courtesans available for your entertainment at the Junkyard Hilton! Please visit the Private Services page for information on pricing.

A Note on Safety

To ensure the safety of our clients and customers, a visual inspection will occur before services are rendered. Customers who exhibit signs of disease may be denied service. In the event that a customer were to develop a disease (and if such could be proven to come from the Hilton), we will pay for medicines for your recovery, or if necessary healing from a Templar or Doomsayer.

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