The Hook Mountain Massacre
  • The group traveled to Turtleback Ferry to try and find Lucretia, the sister of the defeated Xanesha. They arrived to find the town in good enough shape, though the inhabitants were curious as to why they hadn't heard from Fort Rannick in a while.
  • While traveling in the woods near the town, they encountered a firepelt cougar that was caught in a trap. The party defended the animal against attacking dogs, and found that an ogre was responsible. They followed the ogre back to the Graul Farm. Little did they know that this ogre was the dreaded Ruckus Graul, the most powerful ogre on the farm.
  • The group cleared out the farm, killing all the deranged, incestuous ogres except for Mammy Graul herself. While doing so, they found three Black Arrows, the group that made Fort Rannick their headquarters. They told the party that the fort had been taken over by ogres. The three Black Arrows tried to take back the fort, but were driven off. Only the three of them escaped, but were unlucky enough to be captured by the Grauls.
  • Once the ordeal at the farm was over, everyone returned to Turtleback Ferry to rest and plan for the retaking of Fort Rannick. One of the Black Arrows mentioned a waterfall cave guarded by shocker lizards, which the party decided to use to gain entry.
  • After finding a dead halfling prospector and sneaking past the shocker lizards, the group found a secret door into the fort, which opened into the room of Lucretia herself! After a brief battle, she retreated when seriously wounded by Sylphide. The party then proceeded to explore the fort.

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