The Golden Age

The Golden Age is a time that historians know little about. Allegedly, the gods walked the earth, bestowed gifts of magic and knowledge among the mortals, and life was peaceful. The gods were said to have vanished after a time, the mortals of the world no longer in a vulnerable position.

Then, about a century after the gods left, the Triad appeared.

The Triad raised an army of mortals, monsters, and demons, and waged war with the forces of good for over two centuries. Most historians mark the appearance of the Triad as the beginning of The Age of Darkness, and as such this war lasted from the year 0 to around the year 200. Towards the end of the war, with the world torn asunder by so much fighting, six heroes appeared and defeated the Triad in a titantic struggle somewhere near the middle of the Southwestern Continent.

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