The Elven Expedition From Kyonin

When Ortharion came to Zeltenia, he was accompanied by seven elves. They were originally just part of his convoy bringing the tribute from the Queen, but they are instead staying in the queendom to gather knowledge alongside Ortharion. The most notable of the group, at least at this time, is Vetta (Arminda). Vetta is a well-trained ranger, specializing in two-weapon melee combat. Vetta is the only of the expedition to spend any time travelling with the group. She has assisted in several missions.

The other six elves are the brothers Cirdan and Findarato Elanesse, the best friends from birth Elladia Seregon and Itrilli Amandil, Ereinion Saralonde, and Elessar Fefalas. Elladia and Feanara are childhood friends who both came in to service of the queen through family ties as handmaidens, but soon proved that their skills were best used elsewhere. The brothers Elanesse joined the military in Kyonin to carry on their father and uncle's legacy. Ereinion came from the treasury, and was responsible for the tribute presented to Terra. And Elessar is a court attendant and scribe sent to record information on the kingdom and Ortharion and Vetta's journey.

Everyone other than Elladia is all relatively inexperienced and sent on this journey mostly to assist Ortharion and Vetta. They aren't meant to really see combat. When their various duties assisting Ortharion and Vetta are at their end, they will likely just stay in the kingdom and take up various jobs, possibly as scouts, guards or court workers. For Elladia, this trip is something of final test before she can be promoted and given further responsibility. She also wishes to test her skills outside of Kyonin, dealing with new and strange creatures.

Elladia is a druid. She has honed her craft for some time in Kyonin and seeks a new challenge. She is very close to the queen and requested to make this journey as a chance to prove her self. She has been asking Ortharion from time to time if she can join him in directly assisting Terra, and it seems that time may be on the horizon shortly.

Recently, Ortharion received word from Kyonin that they would be sending another group of elves to join Ortharion and the originals. This group would consist of roughly 100 soldiers and be used to help defend Zeltenia.

After Terra was barred from speaking with the queen about having an armed military force on Zeltenian soil, Terra made the proclamation that no elves from Kyonin acting on behalf of the government would be allowed into Zeltenia until the queen was ready to speak in person.

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