The Battlefield

In most mass combats, the battlefield shouldn’t impact either army. But sometimes a battlefield can decide the outcome of a war.

Advantageous Terrain: Generally, if one army occupies a position of superiority (such as being atop a hill, wedged in a narrow canyon, or protected by a deep river along one flank), the defending army gains a +2 bonus to its DV.

Ambush: In order to attempt to ambush an army, the entire ambushing army must have concealment. The ambusher makes an Offense check against the army’s DV—if successful, the battle begins but the defending army does not get to act during the tactics phase. Otherwise, the battle proceeds normally.

Battlefield Advantage: If an army is particularly familiar with a battlefield, it gains a +2 bonus to both DV and OM.

Fortifications: An army located in a fortification adds the fortification’s Defense score to its DV. A city’s Defense is determined by the types of buildings it contains.

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