The Age Of Darkness

The Age of Darkness officially began with the appearance of the first Triad. More information about that can be found by reading about The Golden Age.

The Age of Darkness spans a period of about 10,200 years. During most of this period, the world seemed to be in some sort of malaise, never quite recovering from the two centuries of war with the first Triad. Just surviving was a challenge. On the Southwestern Continent, the two rivers that divided the continent into three parts boiled and made travel across them nearly impossible. A good portion of the land was uninhabitable, being either desert or wasteland. Travel across the seas was nearly impossible, and contact between the major landmasses of the world was lost.

Towards the end of this period, the second Triad appeared. Just like in the past, six heroes appeared and destroyed them, the war lasting only a few years…and oddly enough, many of the things hindering the advancement of society began to undo themselves. The rivers ceased boiling, and the deserts and wastelands once again became fertile. This period took a few centuries.

The defeat of the second Triad heralds the beginning of The Age of Enlightenment.

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