The Abominable Seven

The Abominable Seven are an elite group of assassins that work for Seriade. They are living legends, and to date none of them have ever been caught. They go after the most despised enemies of Seriade and almost never fail to destroy their target. Their trademark is the black rose; find one near you when you wake up, and your doom is assured.

No one has even survived an encounter with one of the Seven, so their capabilities are not well known. Even one of them is more than a match for a squad of elite soldiers, and most frightening of all is their apparent ability to prevent those they kill from be resurrected from the dead. Most of the time, when one of the Seven puts someone to death, they stay dead for good.

Mummy (?)

A lanky man who stands about seven and a half feet tall and appears to be partially mummified. He is incredibly agile and it he seems to be totally immune to anything that would pin him down or deny his movement.

Puppetmaster (?)

A cloaked figure who is probably female, who seems to be able to animate dead bodies with "puppet strings" of a sort.

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