Terra's Followers

Current Leadership Score: 22 (Level 11 + 9 Charisma mod + 2 Stronghold)

An extremely charismatic leader, Terra has attracted many loyal followers. Some of them are below…

1st Level Followers (75)

The unnamed (at least on the greater stage of Zeltenia) masses who serve as Terra's personal servants, cooks, handmaidens, and assistants. Terra has amassed quite the retinue since assuming command of Zeltenia.

2nd Level Followers (7)

Aspexia Rutarion (Rgr2)

A grim woman who wears an armored coat and wields a pair of axes. She specializes in bounty hunting, apprehending minor criminals in the kingdom of Zeltenia. She doesn't speak much, preferring to stay focused on her mission.


3rd Level Followers (4)

Nei Drovenge (Brd3)

An entertainer of moderate skill that occasionally indulges in adventures. Competent with a longsword and shield, she is a valuable addition to the parties of explorers handling the minor problems of the kingdom. When not traveling, she spends her time entertaining in the taverns of Jindark.


4th Level Followers (2)

Rutilus Baradin (Ftr4)

A sergeant in the city guard of Jindark, Rutilus is a disciplined warrior who fights with a unique weapon — a ripsaw glaive. He will stop at nothing to uphold law and order in Jindark.


5th Level Followers (2)

Alana Leroung (Wiz5)

A scholarly sort that usually spends most of her time in one of Jindark's libraries. She works part time as a teacher, and is fairly knowledgeable about a wide range of topics.

Pontia Albus (Clr5)

A warrior dedicated to law, Pontia will stop at nothing to prevent the forces of chaos from damaging Zeltenia.


6th Level Followers (1)

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