Terra Achillea Sigismund



The Tenkai Star
Chief Star of Heaven
"The Opportune Rain"

"Good day, friend. A meal? You're so kind to offer me that, considering that we just met. You may be aware of the offer that Brevoy is making to people? The one about the Stolen Lands? Ah, of course you've heard about it. How many days is Brevoy from here? Seven? My friend and I still have a long way to go, then."

"Us? Just a couple of simple travelers. We thought we might try our hand at taming the Stolen Lands, if we can find a bit of help. I'm sure that won't be a problem; most people I meet tend to be of the helpful variety, you see."

"Listen…we're running a little low on cash. We were waylaid by bandits on the road, you see. Do you think you could let us stay in a room tonight, on the house? I hate to ask, but we are rather desperate, you see. If you could float us a small loan, I promise to return it with interest shortly. You will? How kind of you!"

"We'll leave in the morning. Your hospitality is greatly appreciated, kind sir."

"Our nation has risen from the untamed wilderness of these 'Stolen Lands.' We have fought off bandits, trolls, a host of monstrous beasts, and those who would seek to destroy us from within. We cannot be defeated as long as we stand unified against the forces that would see Zeltenia razed to ashes. To stand firm against chaos and embrace the order of civilization is essential to our success; one need only see our strong economic position and great wealth as proof of this."

"Our nation will continue to expand. Varnhold now stands leaderless, and we are poised to add its land to our holdings. There are still many areas that lie unclaimed. This is only the beginning; our great nation will continue to grow and offer strong economic opportunities to those who wish to take advantage of them — opportunities that in many places are quite rare. New people come to our lands every day; our large swaths of farmland allow us to be self-supporting. Zeltenia stands strong and will only get stronger in the future. For the glory of Zeltenia!"

"The city once known as Fort Drelev will soon be assimilated into our holdings. The Tiger Lords are a threat that must be dealt with…and then, we turn our eyes towards Pitax, where the filthy and undeserving king Irovetti resides. His pathetic realm will not stand against our glorious nation."

"The filthy king Irovetti of Pitax has fallen! His nation has been reduced to smoldering ash — such is the penalty for those who would attempt to strike down our glorious nation! We will not tolerate interference; those who number themselves among our enemies will be destroyed!"

Physical Description

A half-elven sorcerer, standing around average height with a slender build, alabaster skin, and a generous chest. Terra appears attractive with a certain exotic quality that is hard to pin down…it's often hard to resist her when she stares into your eyes and makes a request. Her voice always seems to make things sound reasonable and it's easy to believe that she is your friend, when she wants to appear as such.

Her demeanor when seen ruling her queendom is most often stern, and woe upon those poor fools who provoke her, for her temper is harsh. Despite her occasional harshness, no one can deny that her leadership has turned a useless patch of wilderness into a quickly developing nation that is full of opportunities for those who will merely agree to play by the rules. For this, she is well-loved.


As the Queen of the young but flourishing country of Zeltenia, Terra has brought order to a lawless wilderness and created the economic trade hub of Jindark over the course of the last two years. She seems to desire vigorous growth for her kingdom, a goal which she seems to be achieving. It contains several sizable cities and a number of fortified strongholds.

Her kingdom now contains all of the greenbelt, as well as what was once the nation of Varnhold (now named Daskania) and around half of the Hooktongue Slough. Expansion into the vicinity of what was once Pitax is likely in the nation's future.

Terra has a cohort, Valeria Charthagnion.

Terra's Followers are many.

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