Teras Downtime Actions

Sometimes if a session ends while the party is not in the middle of some sort of action, the party will receive a downtime action. A downtime action is basically a period of downtime between important adventures that you can use to work on personal goals. The length of the downtime action can vary, but they are usually between two and seven game days. Not every session will end with a downtime action.

Downtime actions must be submitted by Tuesday at midnight to moc.liamg|kcabdeefsaret#moc.liamg|kcabdeefsaret, or they will not be accepted. Unlike feedbacks, you are more likely to receive a better response if you submit them early. You will receive a downtime response, usually typed, with any information you gained as well any items or XP earned.

When deciding on what your downtime action will be, remember that you cannot perform tasks that are considered "standard adventuring." You can't go raid an ancient tomb and get treasure, because that is something that would be handled at the game. On the other hand, you could go search for suitable sites and scout them out to gain information. You also shouldn't write in a conclusion to your action; that's for the DM to decide. If you are unsure about what you want to do, ask the DM (preferably not at the last minute). Here are some examples of good and bad downtime actions:

"I want to hang around the Deepmug for a few days and see if I overhear any interesting information. I will invest 30 gold to loosen tongues." (Good)

"I want to go help Rook's Nest patrol for hostile lizardmen." (Good)

"I want to start studying the ancient books that we found to see if I can learn anything useful. I am trained in Arcana and Religion." (Good)

"I go to a cave out in the woods, kill monsters, and come back with a treasure chest full of loot." (Bad — actions that should be handled at the game itself)

"I went down to the docks and found out about a secret cave with a dragon in it." (Bad — conclusion was listed in the downtime)

"I steal some of the other party members' gold while they are out." (Bad — PvP)

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