Tenshi is a half human half elf ranger who roamed the country sides in search for adventure. More will be revealed about his background later, for now he relies on his ranger skills from very young age being outcast from humans from his homeland. Now appreciates his elven heritage which was not always the case when growing up. Tenchi was born in very small village in the northern part of Brevoy his father was passing thru with his entourage when he met Tenchi mom Elsie . After one year father had to continue his quest an gave Elsie a heirloom necklace in shape like a vial with elven markings on outside with a crest. Inside a parchment read To whomever reads this know that this human woman and boy are Wife an son to Hurron Daywalker of the house of Daywalker of Kyonin. Give this to highest ranking elf you come across an you will be cared for. After 2 years of waiting, due to illness she was unable to travel . Soon after she passed Tenchi was taken in by a human Ranger an taught how o become a Ranger. On his 16th year ,Tenchi headed out to Jindark where coming across other elves learned to speak Elven time has passed now 19 an has not come across anyone who knows of his father or house.


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