General Information
Templars are based out of Boise, and are led by Simon Mercer. They fight to clean up the Wasted West, but they only help the worthy — anyone who isn't willing to defend themselves or help others is considered to be unworthy and are ignored.

One common mistake is that Templars are similar to medieval knights, with a code of honor. This is pretty much blatantly false — Templars have no qualms about poisoning water, killing bad guys in their sleep, or shooting them in the back.

While Simon is a Christian, Templars may have Faith in just about anything. Some have Faith in the heroes of old, their own moral code, or the forces of good.

Playing a Templar
A Templar must be at least 18 years old and purchase Arcane Background (Templar) for 3 points. They must also meet the following requirements: Academia (Occult) 2, Faith 3, Fightin' (Any Melee Weapon) 4, Medicine 2, Survival 2. Templars must be relatively good natured and in good mental health.

Templars automatically get the Oath hindrance, for the Oath of Poverty and Oath of Blood. Together, these are worth 5 points. More information can be found in the core rulebook on page 156, or in The Last Crusaders sourcebook.

Templars start with 5 levels of Templar powers, divided between Lay on Hands and any one other power.

A Sampling of Templar Powers
Here are a few of the better Templar powers:

Armor of the Saints: Each level grants -1 light armor. The greater reward grants AV1.

Celerity: Each level of Celerity allows you to discard one action card and draw another; you must take the new card. The greater reward grants +1 action card per round.

Fury of the Saints: Each level allows you to reroll a damage roll (both weapon and STR portions) once per day. The greater reward allows a Templar to add one die of damage to his primary hand weapon (the one blessed by Simon).

Guardian Angel: Each level subtracts -1 from an opponent's attack roll. The greater reward allows the Templar to cancel opponent's fate chips with his own.

Inner Strength: Each level allows the Templar to add +1 to Strength totals. The greater reward increases the Templar's Strength die type by one step permanently.

Lay on Hands: All Templars have this power. It's used to heal wounds; the relevant information can be found in The Last Crusaders on page 77.

Speed: Each level adds +1 to the Templar's pace. The greater reward has since been made obsolete with a rules update, so something else should be made to replace it.

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