Telmus's Diary

The diary of the former Rift Cleric Telmus, discovered in his tomb near Winterhaven.

The journal reads:

Eoantos 25th, 3121
My name is Telmus. I am a cleric of Phoen, and a Rift Cleric. This tattered journal will hold my
thoughts as I enter what may be my final days on Teras…

I fear that the Haven of Light is doomed. The undead are attacking far more viciously than ever before
and our strength is beginning to fail.

This wasting sickness that has me bedridden defies all attempts to cure it; I desperately want to help my
comrades, but my body simply will not cooperate. I am almost certain that it was that damn Jhecererak
who did this; this sort of slow and painful end is definitely something that bastard would do. I can only
hope that Carthain can find a cure. That vampire Evander might also know something.

Eorgaen 8th, 3121
The attacks are still going strong. Hyrum, Kitto, and Laerel are going to take me back to Solhaven – I
can no longer burden the warriors fighting here. Oddly enough, whatever this curse is also prevents the
ritual of teleportation; this means that we must travel back on foot. I can only ask Phoen for the
strength to make the journey.

Eorgaen 13th, 3121
I am fading. My body is beginning to rot…my vision is blurry, and I am feverish. We are only as far as
the town of Northwind…Winterhaven, Pine Grove, and Fallcrest are still ahead. There is no doubt in
my mind that I am going to die. I can only hope that this curse doesn't somehow last after death; the
idea of rising as an undead sickens me.

Eorgaen 15th, 3121
This is the end…

I will not last the night.

The key that is attached opens my room at the Haven…some of my personal possessions are there.
Maybe something useful, for someone…can't think straight…

Eorg 1/66, 312344

(Additionally, there are a few extra notes on the very back page)

Fox Face and Eorgina?

Prophecy stone…island somewhere east of northern wildlands

Greystone Keep, border of Sharrath

Four moon temples…fifth in southern wildlands

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