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«Honorable Great Grandfather,

My time here in America has shown me sights I would have never believed in my wildest dreams…

As you know, I have been working alongside the Rangers during my time here to make ends meet, particularly with one named Hunter Callaway. Through the course of my travels with him we have gathered a rather decent sized ‘posse’ (as the American’s would call it) and have made a name for ourselves.

This is mostly due to our most recent adventure within the Grand Canyon, where we travelled to the darkest depths of a mysterious ancient cave. While I do not know if news of our travels have reached you yet, let me assure you that the reports you have heard were most likely not the truth. You see, in the depths of the Earth, we witnessed things that no one would believe.

Ancient creatures never seen before, undead, demons, and an ancient powerful spirit that had lain dormant… We lost a few good people down there in the dark, but somehow most of us managed to survive and leave intact.

Of course, we didn’t have long to grieve and relax… The Rangers had another assignment for us. We are currently investigating a suspicious murder that occurred on a boat… While on the surface this sounds as if it’s more ‘mundane’ considering what we just have been through, looks can be deceiving. In the course of our investigations, we have discovered there might be more to this than what it seems on the surface.

Something far stranger. Like a body with no bones found.

We are currently exploring a tunnel leaving from the strange sight… I just hope we can survive whatever we will discover down in the dark, and I can send you this letter.

Xun Jiao-Long»

«Honorable Great Grandfather,

Apparently, I just had a hand in saving the entire area around Saint Louis from becoming, as I understand it, a proverbial Hell on Earth.

The tunnels that led from the strangled man took us to an underground city that lay underneath the Mississippi River. There, we found a cult of twisted and unnatural Indians that proceeded to attack us on sight. Luckily, we were able to dispose of them and, albeit with a few close calls, we were able to explore their underground city and save the victims they took. One of them was, in fact, the man we were sent to look for.
Apparently, the crazy cultist Indians were gathering people of all ethnicities to perform a ritual that, had it gone off, would have obliterated the surrounding area and summon into the world monstrosities that would have ravaged the landscape… At least that is what Justin mentioned would happen.

While it was a harrowing experience for us all stopping the cultists, we all managed to find ourselves alive by a end and we were able to stop the ritual right before it went off. It was close though, and there were many times I thought we would simply end up dead.

However, in part due to the close call we went through today and the experience I have accumulated here in America, I believe I should turn my attentions to the reason I came to this country in the first place… To solve the mysteries of why our ancestors call out to us within the confines of the Maze.

When I voice my opinion to Hunter to leave, he offered to come with me on my adventure. While I was surprised, I have to admit that if I had to be stuck with a dim witted American who makes continuous bad decisions about everything, at least it is a dim witted American I know.

I will continue to try and keep in touch with your Honorable Great Grandfather… I have a feeling my story has only just begun.

Xun Jiao-Long.»

This is a time of many stories. Listen… and you can hear the whispers on the edge of the wind.

It was a time of parting for the Old Hawk, the Silent Snake, and the Big Owl. Their previous story had ended, and the Uncertain Monkey left in order to explore the new stories that lay before him, the Stubborn Horse deciding to follow him in order to keep him in trouble.

But their tale, my friends, is for another time.

When something is lost though, oftentimes we find Mother Earth grants something in return. A Risen Dove crossed the footsteps of the Travelers, followed shortly thereafter by a Forgetful Coyote.

In little time, a mystery was discovered… A Forlorn Bear… A Lost Cub… Echoes of a misfortunate past. The damp well the Travelers’ footsteps led too was dangerous… But in the end they triumphed… They helped the Two Spirits find each other once more… To finally rest in peace.

But little time to celebrate… For a missive was sent.

Shadows of the past… A black mistake… A dark trap…

The Travelers departed to the tragic village beset by fate and ghosts unforgiving… Only to be confronted in time by a Dark Spider and a Vengeful Snake, who hissed out against his Silent brother… Threatening the Travelers with the Stubborn Horse’s captive sister…
A fight begun betwixt the dark midnight clouds… The Vengeful Snake fell under the sky’s anger… The Big Owl fell underneath her own curse… Anger… Hate… Pain… Death. The Dark Spider and his minions overpowered the remaining Travelers…

And they fled into the hollow night.

This is a time of many stories… And no story ever truly ends.

This is a time of many stories. Listen… and you can hear the whispers on the edge of the wind.

The Old Hawk, Silent Snake, and the Forgetful Coyote continued to track the Dark Spider who stole their precious treasures… Seeking him out for revenge… To end the Dark Spider’s evil laughing and retrieve the Stubborn Horse's sister.

While looking for help from the other Horses, the Travelers met a Dutiful Mare and her companion who, enamored with the stories of the Old Hawk, decided to come along with them. The Travelers once more together, followed clues to guide them to one of the Dark Spider’s old webs…

Dirty and dusty, the Spirits of the Dark Spider’s trapped Flies lingered within the musty web… Teasing the Travelers… Taunting them.

But soon the Dark Spider, always acting the gracious host, echoed his voice through the strings of his web… Through the puppets of his prey. With promises of finding the lost treasure again, the Dark Spider led the travels deeper into his lair… Deeper into the web… But it was nothing more than a trap.. Using the carcasses of his forgotten prey to stop the Travelers once and for all.

But the Travelers fought back.

The Travelers won.

Now, searching for the Dark Spider’s true home in the tangled web he weaved, the Travelers explore every nook… Every cranny… Every secret… Not knowing what might be just behind the corner…

This is a time of many stories… And no story ever truly ends.

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