Tal'Oka is a 20 year old Half-Orc from Crowstump. A man claiming to be her father dropped her off on the doorstep of the Gilded Orc, with some amount of gold and a letter naming her Tal'Oka asking them to look after her. The Innkeepers kept her fed inexpensively and plainly clothed, but did little else to take care of her as they already had children of their own to use the gold he left for her on.

Many of the other children would pick on Tal'Oka, whispering slurs as she passed trying to start a fight with her. As a result of their jeers and japes she rarely spent time in the company of other children, instead choosing to work and keep her body and mind occupied. She would pester Nathar Arod endlessly for access to his books and for lessons, eventually learning how to identify different herbs for healing and how to carve her own wood toys, and even how to play the flute.

One day when she was in her early teens a stranger in town came up to her while she was sweeping outside the Gilded Orc. He asked her to come help him with his horse in the stables, and she followed him broom in hand. The stranger pulled a knife on her and she starting hitting him with the broom, mostly ineffectively. A local hermit, in town for supplies, saw her predicament and hit the man with her walking stick, knocking him unconscious in a single blow.

The woman-a wood elf named Kelshe-offered her hand to Tal'Oka and smiled, a gesture that she wasn't used to. The woman spoke softly to Tal'Oka, and took her under her wing. She taught her to see the motivation behind the words and actions of others, the hidden tells and more importantly the hidden blades of opponents. Kelshe taught Tal'Oka many of the fundamental teachings she would need to be a monk, save for one.

Tal'Oka now needed to go out into the world, to see it's people and to learn. She would go out in search of the Way of Tranquility, and the best way to ensure the teachings worked was to test them, a thing that wouldn't happen should she continue to live in Crowstump. At 17 she left Kelshe, the Gilded Orc, and Crowstump behind, knowing she would return one day when the time was right, and she had found her Way.

She made her way down to Phaendar, where she became the assistant of Doctor Beddum and met several of his patients along the way, including Bianca and Aurora. Tal'Oka admires Bianca's strength of body and Aurora's internal strength of being some what of an outcast.

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