The strix have a small settlement to the northeast of Shrikewall in the mountains. The party has had an encounter with them and it quickly turned violent. It is clear that for the true expansion of Zeltenia to take place in this area, they must be eliminated. However, it is unlikely this can be done based on the group's present abilities. Kul-Karet and Brizio met with Drakus, the colonies alchemist to discuss the problem. Drakus sent the party out in search of supplies he needs while he works on the solution.

Strix are a race a wretched winged humanoids. They are often violent and pose great danger to colonists. They attack from a distance and tend to stay in the air out of reach even in melee. Brizio and the others had quite a difficult time dealing with the ones they fought.

After a successful mission to poison the Strix settlement, the party led a raid on the Strix and struck them in their weakened state. After dealing with numerous strix, they eventually encountered the Strix King and put him down for good.

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