The Steel Gators

The Steel Gators are a local band of mercenaries and scavengers who occupy an area in the mountains near Shrikewall. Though it seems likely that they can be trouble at some point, they have yet to cause an issue. In fact they have proved helpful. The party has bought goods from them a few times and even enlisted their help against the attack of the Ekujae. Brizio met with their leader, Steel, and convinced them to help us. Though it should be noted that convincing them can be quite expensive. The colony will have to think carefully in the near future about asking for Steel's help due to the significant expense.

The Gatorade have provided assistance one more time to the settlement. The Gatorade fought alongside Zeltenian troops in an effort to.draw Ekujae forces out from their main camp. They were successful.

The leader, Steel, has sold valuable information to the Zeltenians on.several occasion s.


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