Stag Lord And Company

The Stag Lord

A figure who allegedly has a stag head instead of a normal one. This turned out be false, and the Stag Lord was revealed to be a skilled, though drunken and boorish, warrior. A terror with a bow, he was nearly able to fell any member of the party with just one or two arrows. After having all of his minions defeated and his henchman Akreos Ismort turn on him, he was defeated in his fortress on Neth 2, 4712.


A sinister man who was third in command at the Stag Lord's fortress. He seemed to be in charge of Auchs, though Terra fixed that with a quick charm spell. He was defeated in the final battle with the Stag Lord.


A thug who attacked Oleg's Trading Post with a few henchmen. He was the first significant foe defeated by the party.


A somewhat "unbalanced" warrior who wielded a pair of masterwork handaxes. Defeated at a bandit camp near the Thorn River, which turned out to be a major outpost for the Stag Lord.

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