Stability Rolls

Stability rolls are required the first time an item is used each day, once per week (whether the item is used or not), and whenever the item is knocked down to a lower Durability step. For the latter, each step lost imposes -1 to the items Stability and the check must be made at the new, lower Stability number.

Scrapper and Cyborg Junker tech must simply make one Stability roll per day, and don't use the rules above.

Multiple Powers
Items with multiple powers (including people with multiple scrapper/cyborg devices) use the Stability of the most unstable device.

For example, if you have a plasma gun with a Stability of 20 with open slots, then add a Light to it with a Stability of 16, the Stability checks made by the plasma gun are rolled against Stability 16. Such is the price of using multiple powers on a single device.

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