Spiderform (Spirit)
Speed: 2
Duration: Concentration or 1 wind/round
Range: Self
Hand: Pair

Spiderform will, for a short time, give the target some of the advantages of being a black widow spider.

The first benefit of Spiderform are two extra pairs of limbs that sprout just below the huckster's own regular arms. The limbs can be used to deal the target's Strength in brawling damage, but aren't really suited for fighting; they can't effectively hold a weapon. On the plus side, they do not interfere with most tasks and cannot take damage in a fight. They give the huckster a +4 bonus to any Climbin' checks and a +4 bonus to any Strength rolls where all of the huckster's limbs can be brought to bear (such as when holding a door against some horror). They also allow the huckster to climb along any smooth surface or ceiling, and increase Pace while climbing (smooth surfaces or otherwise) by +4.

The second benefit of this hex is the ability to slowly exude a sticky thread from the area around the tailbone, much like a spider can produce silk. This can be used as a rope, though it can only support the huckster and one other person (special cases, such as Big Un': Obese, Scrawny, and lots of carried gear may alter this at the Marshal's discretion). The webbing only persists for 2d6 minutes after the hex ends (so it's not necessarily a good replacement for real rope), and can't be produced fast enough to be used effectively in combat.

Finally, the huckster's skin hardens a bit (like a chitinous exoskeleton) and she gains -2 armor, with an additional -2 per hand above a Pair. This is the only part of the hex that increases in power with a better hand.

Stamp of Approval: Charlie, Tanner

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