Solomon Grundy (Arjack)



The Scientist known as Arjack.

Arjack had shown up on the little island in search of something. No one knew where he came from nor what his intentions were but his presence was one that went by all together undocumented as he seemed to by of no true importance. After quickly establishing himself at a local tavern he took to mounting expeditions on his own into the surrounding forest whilst maintaining a wide berth from most people and especially the more popular and wilder local taverns. He had observed and noted on more then one occasion a few people going in at night and then being drug out to the port and an awaiting pirate ship by nights end. He kept to himself mostly only interacting with others when he needed something specific. He looks to be an average human male with no real distinguishing characteristics other then a ragged looking pair of goggles he wears constantly. He is a white male standing about 6 feet tall with a slight portliness to him and a quiet but determined air to him that keeps most others at bay. But also lets him disappear into a crowd.

Recently he had been observing and studying the constant invasions of wasps and various beasts attacking the town. And it was during this one such attack that he had stumbled upon the chance he had been waiting for. After an encounter with the wasps he met a group of recently arrived pirates who had come into port for repairs and refits. After observing and assisting them in the fight he joined their group in the search inland that found them at a water nagas cave. After a brief but bloody fight and one overly angry barbarian encounter later he found himself in hold of something that may be the very answer to his hard sought questions.

After debating his options for a day he quickly set upon a course of plan that saw him re-encountering a young mister silvers and joining up with the crew of the The Grishend which found him securing a space for himself and his small lab. He then proceeded to take the first steps upon a journey which would radically change his life forever.

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