Solar Charge

Note: This miracle is not granted by most deities. Its intended purpose is for a Blessed who is a follower of the Kemetic (Egyptian) pantheon, the deities Bast and Sekhmet in particular.

Solar Charge
TN: 7
Speed: Special (invoked as part of an another action)
Range: Self
Solar Charge will, for a short time (the time it takes for the projectile to hit it's target), transmute a ranged weapon into a blast of intense sunlight. The weapon can be virtually anything, from arrows to throwing sticks or even bullets.

In addition to causing +1d6 extra damage, the weapon can also affect any creature especially vulnerable to sunlight, and gains one level of AP per raise. The exact effect can vary, but in general the weapon simply affects the target normally if it was otherwise immune to normal weapons, or deals +1d6 (total +2d6) damage otherwise.

The projectile reverts to it's normal form after striking the target and doesn't otherwise gain any special powers (ie, greater velocity, armor piercing, etc).

This miracle is fairly taxing. Each use, successful or not, costs the Blessed 1 wind.

Stamp of Approval: Tanner

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